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Nahalat Shiva 4, street

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Shanty, a chef owned restaurant since 1992, is located in Nahalat Shiva, the first Jewish neighborhood outside the Old City walls. The restaurant is housed in a Jerusalem stone structure with arches and stunning carpets from the previous century. The menu is diverse and rich, and with the personal attention, you dine in a magical atmosphere.


Shanty, a well-established trendy restaurant in the heart of Nachalat Shiva, one of the century-old Jerusalem stone houses of the Nachalat Shiva compound in the center of the city.

The bar is stocked with a generous selection of international liquors and wines, and the menu draws its fare from nearly every corner of the globe.

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Shanty's kitchen is managed by chef Alon Sela, offering a rich menu including meats, seafood, fish and a variety of cooked dishes. Among the dishes offered at the restaurant are seafood and appetizers, salads such as "Edna Salad with Entrecot", tuna ceviche, and a variety of main dishes. The restaurant also offers a wealth of excellent desserts and a rich spirits bar.

Nahalat Shiva 4, Jerusalem

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